October 21, 2013 Commissioner’s Meeting Notes and Audio Files

This Commissioners meeting was the normal 3rd Monday of the month meeting Commissioner Dolan was not present at  the meeting.

Public Comment (non-agenda items)

There was several public comments including concerns with Sprogel’s Run water quality due to construction, the construction vehicles damaging road ways, and two proposed resolutions by France W. Krazalkovich for Veterans day and  unfunded mandates for the state (attached) Public Comment October 21 part 1  Public Comment October 21 part 2  Veterans_Day_Resolution   Unfunded_Mandates_Resolution

Commissioners Reports

Emergency Services Commissioner Coordinator Mr. Dolan

Commissioner Dolan’s report consists of the three areas that make up the Emergency Services Commission: Fire, Police, and EMS.

  • Police Report  – The Police Chief provided the crimes in the township including a female suspect being arrested who burglarized multiple homes. The invitation of theft when leaving cars unlocked, garage doors open, and personal items unattended, which accounts for multiple reports of theft in the township.
  • Fire Report – Potential Bi-Law changes, an update on the repairs to the fire house and the street sign sales
  • EMS Report – Update on the continued investigation of the ambulance services boundary lines.

There were comments to the reports.  EMS Report October 21

Planning & Zoning Commissioner Coordinator Mr. Taylor

No new items to report   Planning and Zoning October 21

Public Works Commissioner Coordinator  Ms. Spaide

The public works provided updates on patching holes, noted new 3 abandoned properties, and an alarm from a pump station. Finally, a thank you for all who helped on Community day  Public Works Report October 21

Parks, Recreation and Open Space Commissioner Coordinator Mr. Miller

Commissioner Miller requested to officially to name the open space parcel on Moyer Rd.  Parks and Rec Report October 21

Special Township Projects Mr. Noll

Commissioner Noll reported on House Bill 1523 successfully when through the House and now is in the Senate. This bill is to use open space funds for more than purchase of land.  Special Projects Report October 21

Township Engineer

The Township Engineer was not present at the meeting. Engineers Report October 21

Township Solicitor

The Solicitor items would be covered later in the agenda.  Solicitor Report October 21

Township Manager / Monthly Financial Report

Mr. Lane reported on several items including thank you for all who supported Community Day, thank you to the cleanup  brigade, the part time administration assistant is resigning, emergency generation station drill is on November 19th, and the township is a recipient of $7,500 grant funded by PECO, reminder of people running of office sign placement.
The revenues received was 83.8% of the monies and expenditures was 73.7% for the year to date.    Township Manager’s Report October 21


New Business

Discussion and possible action regarding a request submitted by Gerald J. Sitko and Ruthann Sitko to vacate a portion of Mock Road  Paper Road October 21

Discussion and possible approval of an agreement awarding Police Officer Jim Hummer gap pay while he is on military leave. Gap Pay October 21

Discussion and possible action to approve the Coddington View Deeds of Dedication for the Phase 1 roads Coddinton View October 21

Discussion and possible action regarding the First Amendment to the Curative Amendment Settlement Agreement involving the Sprogel’s Run Project   Curative Amendment Settlement October 21

Discussion and possible action regarding a proposed Agreement of Sale with Todd Hilsee  Purchase of Open Space October 21

Discussion and possible action authorizing Cleaver Cable Construction to complete the lateral televising process  Cleaver Cable October 21


Old Business

Discussion and possible action regarding the proposed 2014 Annual Township Budget There were several comments during the presentation  2014 Budget October 21 part 1  2014 Budget October 21 part 2  2014 Budget October 21 part 3  2014 Budget October 21 part 4  2014 Budget October 21 part 5

Other Public Comments

There was no opportunity for other public comments.

Commissioner Comments

There were no Commissioner comments  Commissioner Comment October 21

Payment of Bills and Approval of the Minutes

The payment of the monthly bill list in the amount of $404688.88. There was one adjustment to the bill list.  Bill List and Meeting Minutes October 21

Executive Session

There were several items discussed during an executive session with two decisions made regarding the Hilsee  property and Curative Amendment Settlement Agreement, which were reported in new business section. Executive Session Announcement October 21   Executive Session Items October 21


Next Commissioner’s Meeting on Monday, November 18, 2013 at 7:00 P.M.

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